Time Chart

This web site will allow you to create a custom printable Time Chart for your scheduling purposes. An example time chart appears at right.

Time Chart Creation Instructions

The form below will allow you to dynamically control the time range and frequencey of the time chart. It also allows you to include or exclude the weekend days Saturday and Sunday.

Select the Time Chart options that you want and click on the Generate Time Chart button. After you have generated the time chart, you can click on the caption of the chart, or any time cell, and the page will prompt you to change the text in the cell.

Don't regenerate the chart or your changes will be lost since no data is saved anywhere except for within your web browser. You can right-click-print to print the time chart as it appears after editing.

This site works best with Internet Explorer 6 and better. FireFox has a bug where it won't display table cell borders if the cell has no data, so don't edit a cell you're not going to put anything in.

If you like our time chart here, you may also be interest in our web based Spectrum TimeClock software. It's a completely online time clock service that allows employees to punch in and out from the internet. It has attendance and time charts buit in.

We've also got a hand held time card calculator that will aid you in time calculations.

Time Chart Generator Options
Time Mode
Time Frequency
Start Hour
End Hour
Include Weekends
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